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Champagne Snorkel Excursion

Everyday from 8:45am • Duration 3 hours
Cost: US$30 pp

Your adventure begins from the moment you board one of our comfortable and spacious vessels where a detailed briefing is given. Once on site our knowledgeable PADI trained Dive Master and Dive Instructors will give you a site orientation and issue equipment provided. Moored in the Soufriere Scotts head Marine Reserve the sandy bottom is only a few feet below. The main reef is south of you and about the size of half a football field. Extending from shore, and in places as close as 2ft (60cm) from the surface, on the outer edge the reef forms a dramatic wall of 60ft (18m) depths to the sea floor.

A Myriad of reef fish swim around you, Sergeant Majors in their black yellow and white livery swarm, waterfalls of blue Creole Wrasses stream off the reef into the depths and other schooling reef fish abound. In the depths larger fish may be seen. Follow the guide as he points out the various fish, coral heads and passing larger fish. There is an old shipwreck for those who wish to free-dive, you may see cannon and chain, lying there for 300 years. At the Champagne reef the guide will then take you towards "Champagne bubbles", put your head into the water as you approach and hear the sound of rushing water, it's hot vent gasses being squeezed from the sea floor, warming the reef and creating glistening net curtains of warm bubbles; giving the site it's name. It is one of very few places in the world where you can swim in active volcanic activity.

The second site is called La B'ym a local patois word for the "Abyss", the mooring is in 20ft of water but the edge of the reef drops into a volcano with a charted bottom of 15,000ft, this is a snorkeling into the blue experience, a really dramatic encounter with the sea. On one side the reef, and shallow water, the other the Caribbean and inky black below. One never knows what will swim by, turtles, eagle rays, it is never known.

Each snorkel is a 40 minute duration, all safety equipment is provided and a thorough briefing is given at each site.

Discover Scuba

By Reservation • Duration 4 hours
Cost: US$95 pp single tank, US$120 pp double tank

We invite participants to our meeting room where you will settle down to watch our specially edited PADI dive video outlining all pertinent information about 20-25 minutes. After this is the instructor begins his presentation detailing the fun as well as safety aspects of scuba diving.

The Instructor's assistant will have already sized students and have all equipment standing ready at the poolside ready for equipment fitting after which students are transferred to the pool.

After a comprehensive briefing with the instructor, students enter pool for skills training. After the first debriefing over a refreshing glass of freshly squeezed local fruit juice, students are guided into the open water where the adventure dive on the reef takes place.

Certified Scuba Diving

Everyday from 8:45am • Duration 4 hours
Cost: US$55 pp single tank; US$75 pp double tank Scuba

Diving magazine has voted Dominica second (2nd) dive destination overall in the Caribbean/Atlantic category in the 2007 Reader's Choice Awards, up from number three (3) for the previous two years.

Guests will be escorted to the dive boat and assisted on board. A boat orientation and safety briefing will be conducted before you set off for Dominica's south-west, the Scotts head/ Soufriere Marine Reserve; an area of outstanding natural beauty above and below the water line.

Once on site a thorough dive briefing will be given and time, depth and returning air- pressure will be discussed. Once you slip in to the turquoise blue your adventure truly begins. Please follow the Dive master, they know the sites and can point out the hard to find and interesting critters.

Upon surfacing, it is strongly suggested you switch tanks immediately. A fruit juice beverage will be served during your surface interval and the boat heads to the second site. Again, a thorough briefing will be given and the dive undertaken.

The dive location chosen will be dependent on level of divers experience, weather conditions as well as conditions at the actual sites. Guests are reminded that this is a certified divers' dive, if a client has not dived in 2 years or more please take a refresher course.

Single tank dive excursions include all of the details of the Double Tank excursion except for the second dive.

All dives are lead by a qualified and insured PADI Dive Master or Dive Instructor.

Anchorage's Signature Whale Watching Excursion

Wednesdays, Saturdays & Sundays from 2pm • Duration 3.5 hours
Cost: US$60 pp

Your experience will begin with a detailed informative briefing and visual of a real female sperm whale skeleton (the only one in the Caribbean) in the comfort of our bar lounge.

You will then be escorted to our luxurious 60' catamaran and taken out on the tranquil Caribbean Sea off Dominica's west coast in search of the most magnificent animal, "The Sperm Whale". The largest of the toothed whales, it is the most accomplished mammalian diver.

The sight rate is over 90% and because the animals know us, they voluntarily visit our vessel demonstrating their navigational skills. On most of the trips you must hear them breathe!

Your chances of seeing many other cetacean species including the shy Short Finned Pilot Whales, Humpbacks and the lively Spotted and Frasier's Dolphins in action are great!

Knowledgeable naturalists with the use of visual will inform you throughout the trip and find the whales using hydrophones and "bird's eyes" while you enjoy the spectacular scenery of our beautiful mountainous lush island (from tip to toe), which the indigenous people "The Carib Indians" call "Waitikubuli", meaning – "Tall is her body".

Anchorage has a very well defined sighting rate for whales and dolphins in Dominica. We at the Anchorage can boast of having the most knowledgeable naturalist on the island who is involved with the conservation and research of these whales. We have partnered with some of the most recognized whale conservation societies such as IFAW – International Fund for animal welfare, CARIBwhale – as well as the GRD – German Research Development society.

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**NB. All rates quoted above are before taxes. Minimum numbers and conditions apply for all tours Call (767) 448 2638 or email reservations@anchoragehotel.dm